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In our urbanized world cities are not only engines of growth and progress but also political powerhouses. What if cities were understood as de-facto city-states, what if they were assessed like companies, or became an asset class in the financial sector?


One key barrier to a better understanding of cities is a lack of reliable, real-time data related to functional urban regions. We need data that is more current, closer to reality and more accurate; data that reflects the actual, functional city, not historic administrative boundaries; data that is more accurate than qualitative rankings about "quality of life" and more current than a GDP; data that is enabling interpretation, analysis and forecasting - data about cities that is meaningful.


CityTrackerX (CTX) wants to enable decision makers to "read" cities in a more meaningful way. CTX wants to be the platform to go to for city-related, industry-relevant, global, actionable data around the performance of our cities.

Therefore, CityTrackerX is now developing CityTracker, a unique real-time city performance tracker for a wide range of use in the corporate world as well as in the governance and research sector.

The prototype is ready and available to explore.

The Team

The management board of CityTrackerX.

Raffaele Costa

Tyndaris: founder and CEO
GLG: Head of EU and N. America Client Advisory
Goldman Sachs: Client Relationship Management

Thomas Sevcik

Co-founder of arthesia, Hong Kong/ Zurich/ LA
Strategist for large companies, organizations, cities and countries

We are always looking for talent. If you are interested in joining CityTrackerX email us at


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